Consultation China

How I work

Whether in the role of Interim Manager or Consultant China, the process of executing the assignment is generally very similar:

You, the client, determine the target. Then I develop a project description that serves as a basis for decision making as well as a tool to measure my performance.

I use the first days to get to know key employees and the important interfaces within the company. During this phase I clarify and sub-divide the problem, analyze the causes and develop rectification measures.

In the next phase I implement the mutually agreed plan. In short, I take a direct, pro-active approach to solving problems and introducing key action steps. At the same time, processes are streamlined, results are monitored and effective procedures are standardized.

Once all this has been done, my role is finished.
I exit the scene, insuring no further costs for you.

… Discretion is of utmost priority.