Interim Manager SCM

Your advantages

My services are available to you within 24 hours worldwide.

Thus your recruiting process becomes significantly shorter. As a resut, you reach success more quickly. Briefly explained: my projects are generally completed within three to nine months. That means you are already positioned to realize earnings before a conventional staffing procedure (permanent contract employee) would have been even completed.

You have no additional fixed costs.

You direct me to fulfill a clearly defined task. I am present only when you require my support as Interim Manager for Supply Chain Management (SCM), Purchasing or Quality.

Change becomes possible.

Everyone knows how difficult it is to leave behind the old, often comfortable structures and forms ('standard operating procedure'). Many changes cannot be initiated effectively by the company itself. As an external service provider I can help introduce and fully implement change processes.

Your benefit is guaranteed.

Good communication combined with collaborative efforts in identifying solutions form the foundation of strong, sustainable development. It is of central importance that an interim manager's performance is measured – based on the success of the completed task. For this reason, I am committed to getting projects started (and finished) and delivering measureable results.